Cybersecurity: Will curiosity kill the cat?

A lot have been talked and written about Cybersecurity these days.

The buzz has, without any doubts, boosted the curiosity and anxiousness among people and organizations all around the world to yet another, higher level.

Call it by any name… Cyber-attack, Cyber-bully or Cyber-crime had more or less always remained the same… to obstruct achievement of legitimate process or activity. Moreover, it is not something newly identified – it has been there ever since the first computer was made. So what has caused a sudden hype? As systems and network technologies evolved and became more reachable… the information stored within them became more and more vulnerable.

Imprecisely speaking, every cyber-attack or cyber-crime which has been revealed in the past, indicated possibility of exploitation of new or existing vulnerabilities that organizations should remediate and make themselves stronger.

So much to learn from others’ mistakes, isn’t it?

Sometimes one tends to wonder what those unfortunate organizations had to go through, whose systems were exploited and information breached. Some of them, as we know, did not sustain for even a year and had to give in to the dust. It is sad!

Talking about Cybersecurity, at one hand we see an awkward and unreasonable state of anxiousness among people to overprotect their Network and Security regiments, which I presume could be a precursor to commit errors in oversight. On the other hand, there are others, who are like fire-fighters. They won’t move or act until a real-time attack or incident occur which in turn could be lethal for the organization.

So how does one strike a balance in such a wide spectrum of approaches, to get optimum, round-the-clock security and don’t really have to be overwhelmed with the arrangements?

This is where Cybersecurity crops up in the BIG picture.

Let us clarify here… Cybersecurity is NOT about having a “new policy” defined and enforced within an organization. It is about how well the organization complies with existing security policies and procedures in relation to corporate Information, Internet, Network and Systems. All we need is to be careful enough to ensure we do not miss the bare minimum checks, report and take corrective actions for any deviations. Not a radical change, but a comprehensive approach to ensure our information is protected, built on existing and established Information security systems’ foundation.

I will also be talking about further aspects of Cybersecurity in my next blog, so don’t miss-out. And don’t forget to leave any feedback or comments on this topic.

See you soon!

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